At RIIL, we use our scale and expertise to enable a more sustainable future. We ensure that we minimize our impact on the environment throughout the value chain.

Corporate Sustainability at RIIL

RIIL recognizes the future of our clients depends on their ability to meet the growing demand for global trade while reducing the impact on the environment.

RIIL works with customers across a wide range of sectors to support them in mitigating the environmental impacts of their products, processes and operations. Our proven supply chain expertise and on the ground local knowledge help our customers with increased transparency to manage risk in their processes and supply chains, whilst supporting their ability to operate effectively and act responsibly. We are uniquely positioned given our global scale to partner with our customers in meeting their needs in delivering a wide variety of sustainable products and services.

Social Sustainability

While the work nature that RIIL do every day helps to minimize the health and social impact of all products and processes, we have one mission; to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer; by providing reliable water testing and ensuring the food we eat is safe.

RIIL staff took this responsibility upon them and developed themselves to maintain the quality and efficiency of all products

Environmental Sustainability

RIIL’s water testing has always been at the national forefront, to help provide better environment through its water assessments, consultancy and testing services. At RIIL, we have rich experience in providing quality and professional environmental services for sustainable development of various industrial segments.

We guide many of the largest corporations and best-known brands to improve the social, ethical and environmental consequences of their products, services and supply chains. We have adopted a framework approach to our own responsibility. We believe that local managers are best placed to understand and react to their local business environment, within this framework. Our integrity is crucial to our business. RIIL is committed to high standards of professional conduct, and to ethical and fair business dealings with our employees, stakeholders, and third parties. Our Compliance Code and compliance structure support adherence to our Code of Ethics.