Proficiency Testing

RIIL provides proficiency tests to other labs for many purposes

Proficiency Testing

Royal International Inspection Laboratory RIIL provides proficiency tests to other labs for many purposes:

  • Evaluation of the performance of the laboratories for specific tests or measurements and monitoring laboratories' continuing performance
  • Identification of problems in laboratories and initiation of actions for improvement which, for example, may be related to inadequate test or measurement procedures, individual staff performance or calibration of equipment.
  • Establishment of the effectiveness and comparability of test or measurement methods.
  • Provision of additional confidence to laboratory customers
  • Identification of inter-laboratory differences
  • Education of participating laboratories based on the outcomes of such comparisons
  • Evaluation of the performance characteristic of method-often described as collaborative trials
  •  Assignment of values to Reference Materials and assessment of their suitability for use in specific test or measurement procedures

Case studies

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